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A chance to own a classic domain with almost 20 years of history.

I first registered this domain in 1997 for my Apple Macintosh consultancy business. For many years I had offices in Perth, Western Australia. I moved on to my next adventure and deregistered the company and business names almost 10 years ago.

Get a free Google Apps account with this domain.

I was one of the first people to sign up for Google Apps. This domain comes with a free account for your business. Enjoy unlimited email aliases and groups. Get all the features of the paid account,with 10 free users.

Thats a value of $5 per user per month!

In the first year of owning this domain you could save $600 on the cost of Google Apps. (Now G.Suite)

All for one low price!

I'm putting the domain up for auction via this site, here are the rules:

1: The reserve price is $1000USD , it's not worth selling for less.

2: The first person to negotiate a deal that we are both happy with gets the site. I'm willing to consider your status and history and your plans for the site when we are agreeing on the value. If you are a multinational corporation then the site is going to be more expensive that if you are a lone consultant.

3: You can send questions or offers to

Terms and Conditions

There is no transfer of anything until I have your cleared funds.

My understanding is that the Google Apps for business account is free for ever, but obviously I have no control over future policy.

I'm not allowed to sell the Google Apps account, and I am not. It comes free with the domain. When the domain sale has completed I will make you the Super Admin.

I'm happy to help you with the initial setup but there is no ongoing support included in the price.

The domain is currently registered in my name and I will transfer it over to you once your payment method has cleared.

Please don't bother trying to make offers lower than the reserve.

I will let the silent auction run until I have a deal that I am happy with. I'm not necessarily after the highest bidder. The sale will go to the first person to make me a reasonable offer.

For a limited time get $20 of Free credit when you sign up for a Vultr VPS.